Subject: Support activities to R.U.P.

Location: City Palestrina (RM)

Client: Archeological Superintendency for Lazio



The interventoprevede the following activities:
- The restoration and rehabilitation of the building so-called functional Seminar to be used in multi-purpose cultural center;
- The recovery of the Area Sacra on which stands the building, near the temple of the Goddess Fortuna, which houses the priceless Lair of the Fates;
- Archaeological excavation which will invest a good part of the main square that continuing the existing one in the same square.
- Restoration and use of the former Episcopal Seminary

The project provides a consistent and structured intervention recovery, preservation and restoration involving both the Roman monument of national importance, is the historic building. The work will allow to make available the complex of archaeological and historic architectural, until now remained closed to the public.
The intervention is to be considered extraordinary for the size and the complexity of the design and realization of above, with a series of works and the works of nature profoundly differentiated, intricately intertwined that must involve diverse and highly specialized skills (geologist, engineer structural engineer, architects, archaeologists, plant engineers, restorers, etc.). The intervention is of particular importance and uniqueness of character for the enormous impact of an economic, commercial, cultural and tourist center is the city of Palestrina that neighboring countries which will benefit from a cultural framework of an international character, which will also recall function Tourism for visitors interested in visiting the monument.



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