ground pv array
ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array

ground pv array

Subject: Ground PV array

Nominal Power: 2,96 MWp

Location: City of Anagni (FR), Colle del Ceraso locality

Client: Helios Energia Green S.r.l.

General Contractor: Rios Renovables



Foster care professional assignment for Construction Management, Manager jobs, Safety coordination during execution and structural design for the construction and operation of a plant for the production of electricity of 2.46 MWp and the related works and related infrastructure supplied by source renewable solar in the town of Anagni, Colle del Ceraso locality.

The photovoltaic power plant was built on the ground, on land identified by the N.C.T. of the city of Anagni (FR), Sheet 100, Part. 18 and is spread over an area of 6.8 ha. The land was subject to environmental mitigation works through the planting of a triple row of native vegetation that grows along the entire perimeter band.

The field is oriented at 0 ° South and the inclination of the PV modules to the horizontal is 30 °. The plant consists schematically by the photovoltaic generator installed on the ground in fixed media. The supporting structures of the photovoltaic panels are made up of double galvanized steel poles, fixtures on the ground in a central position to the strings, with the superstructure in metal profiles. They have been put in place 11,100 photovoltaic modules polycrystalline silicon high efficiency, divided into 555 strings of 20 modules.


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