residential building energy audit

residential building energy audit

Subject: Residential building energy audit

Location: City of Anagni (FR)

Client: Sintec S.r.l.



The objective of the audit is to see the current status of building energy consumption and understand the main activities by evaluating the energy savings can be achieved. It is the first essential step for the condos that decide diridurre energy consumption. To carry out an audit of the building were collected consumption data and energy costs, and also data on electric utilities, heat, water (power, demand / consumption time, duty cycle, etc.).. On this basis, the models are reconstructed energy. From these models, it was possible to derive the distribution of power and consumption by type of use. The energy situation has been analyzed and compared with the average parameters of consumption to identify improvements to reduce fuel consumption and costs, and the preliminary assessment of the technical and economic feasibility.
In particular, the building, constructed in masonry and reinforced concrete has only a adequate insulation in the roof, in the basement you have water infiltration and moisture problems causing stains on the walls in some apartments, the heating is by radiators traditional , the windows are single-glazed, fitted with external shutters.

Calculation results have allowed us to identify areas with greater dispersion of energy and the main problems:
- Isolation inefficient
- Inefficient windows
- Moisture problems


and improvements:
- Increase the degree of insulation of the building in order to reduce heat loss and eliminate moisture problems on the walls
- Increase the insulation of the window niches
- New double glazing

Thanks to these measures, it was possible to achieve the energy efficiency class C, from the initial G, with an annual cost savings of approximately € 2,000, a savings of 40% on the bill.


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