ground pv array
ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array

ground pv array

Subject: Ground PV array

Nominal Power: 4,99 MWp

Location: City of Villa Santa Lucia (FR), Romano Santa Maria locality

Client: Asi Frosinone S.r.l. -  Aes Group

General Contractor: Annitor Italia S.r.l.



Construction Management, CSE and structural design

The photovoltaic power plant will be built on land, on land identified by the NCT the City of Villa Saint Lucia (FR), Sheet 15, Part. 39, 130, 131, 132, 133 and will be developed on an area of ​​18.90 ha. The land will be subject to environmental mitigation works through the planting of a triple row of native vegetation that will grow all along the perimeter. The field is oriented at 0 ° South and the inclination of the PV modules to the horizontal is 30 °. The plant consists schematically by the photovoltaic generator installed on the ground in fixed media. The supporting structures of the photovoltaic panels are formed from steel modules consist of four frames, with two columns, a beam angle and longitudinal bracing for each frame. They will be put in place 22,220 thin-film photovoltaic modules with high efficiency, divided into strings of 22 modules in 1010.


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