ground pv array
ground pv array ground pv array ground pv array

ground pv array

Subject: Ground PV array

Nominal Power: 6,56 MWp

Location: City of Anagni (FR), Colle Ticchio locality

Client: Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

General Contractor: BP Solar Italia S.r.l.



Foster care professional assignment for Work Management and Head of the works for the construction and operation of a plant for the production of electricity of 6.56 MWp and the related works and related infrastructure powered by renewable solar source in the town of Anagni, Colle locality.

The photovoltaic power plant was built on the ground, on land identified by the NCT of the city of Anagni (FR). Because of the terrain, the PV system has been divided into the North and South zone areas North and South were subject to environmental mitigation works through the planting of a triple row of native vegetation that grows along the entire perimeter of the fields. The photovoltaic system is oriented at 0 ° South and 'tilt of the PV modules to the horizontal is 20 °. The support structures for photovoltaic panels are formed by mono-dip galvanized steel poles, fixtures on the ground in a central position to the strings, with the superstructure in metal profiles. The plant consists schematically by the photovoltaic generator installed on the ground in the fixed supports, for a total of 10 fields (one for each inverter), six of which (from inverter 630 kW) are constituted by 144 strings formed by 22 modules each, and the remaining four (inverter 500 kW) are constituted by 114 strings formed by 22 photovoltaic modules. The photovoltaic generator is then constituted in its entirety by 1320 strings, each of which consists of 22 photovoltaic modules, for a total of 29,040 photovoltaic modules.


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